CCTV Security / ANPR Systems

Our CCTV /ANPR systems are designed to:
  • Monitor vehicle movements for security and crime prevention
  • Enforce site terms and conditions.
  • Control and monitor unauthorised use of your land
  • Manage trespass for clients

The ANPR systems are used to accurately monitor, document and capture number plate images which allows clients to define the factors for their location.

Our system captures real time images supplying key data which enables clients to produce control levels and management reports.

ANPR Benefits
  • No operatives required fully automated
  • Operates 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Retail and Leisure car parks
  • Motorway service stations
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Ports
  • Industrial estates
  • Private estates
  • Traffic monitoring
  • Access control points
  • Entry and exit monitoring

Passive ANPR is the perfect solution for customers that do not wish to manage parking overstay using the conventional ANPR automated “Notice to Owner” solution.

The ANPR part of the system is used to identify vehicles that have trespassed. The system then passes the validation and enforcement to an enforcment operative that can make an informed decision about each individual case.

The vehicle information and trespass details are presented to the operative in a format that allows them to identify the vehicle and make any necessary inquires to why the vehicle has trespassed. ANPR / CCTV cameras allow the capture of: Registration Number, Vehicle Make, Model and Colour, Full Vehicle Image, Entry Time.

  • Manual verification of each case
  • Removes any ANPR inaccuracies
  • Live data feeds

The level of this information allows enforcement operatives to make informed decisions and issue Notices of Trepass directly from their mobile devices, or via the Proserve online system.