Call Out Service

Our call out site solution offers clients a 24 hour service, through experience we are aware that nuisances occur at any time of day.

We work closely with security partners, at many of our locations, assisting them with control of their sites after hours.

We will attended to issue trespass notices, remove trespassing vehicles, control by barrier, leasing with the police if necessary.   

Our vehicles are fitted with mobile video capture devices and tracking systems.

We are there when you need us.

Our support services include:
  • Liveried patrol vehicles
  • Mobile notice issuing system
  • Self service patrolling
  • Control by barrier solution
  • Notice issuing systems
  • CCTV Security / ANPR Systems
  • Permit parking
  • Vehicle removal (cars & commercial)
  • Secure vehicle pounds
  • Abandoned vehicle solutions