Trespassing Vehicle Solutions


Property owners have a remedy of distress to enforce damages where they are victims of trespass to their land, this is a self help procedure which is unreformed in the Tribunals, Courts and Enforcement ACT 2007

A common law remedy for trespass by chattels distress damage feasant.

Our extensive knowledge of this remedy delivers a valuable solution for our clients.

Although the Protection of Freedoms ACT 2012 reports to stop the removal or movement of vehicles, Instruction from a landowner grants us lawful authority to remove and seize chattels (vehicles) from their property which are causing damage or nuisance.

In distress damage fesant all chattels (vehicles) except those in actual use are seizable.  Goods may be seized wherever a trespass has occurred, as long as the goods are actually in the process of trespassing and doing damage.

This solution is useful for any landowner who finds obstructively, dangerously parked/abandoned vehicles on their property.

We understand, the issue of safety, security and access is of the utmost importance to our clients, this solution is valuable for. Industrial Estates, Hospitals, Ports, Contract Car Parks, Retail Parks, Housing Estates.     

We attend the location via our 24 hour call out service, control the location by barrier if available, contact our recovery partners and remove the chattel (vehicle).

Our services include:
  • Liveried patrol vehicles
  • Control by barrier solution
  • CCTV Security / ANPR Systems
  • Permit parking
  • Vehicle Removal (cars & commercial)
  • Secure Monitored Vehicle Pounds
  • Abandoned vehicle solutions